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Civil Rights Litigation

Jasper County, South Carolina, Lawyer Protecting Your Civil Rights in a Wrongful Arrest

False Arrest • Malicious Prosecution • Police Misconduct

If you were subjected to an embarrassing arrest, unwarranted prosecution or rough treatment at the hands of police or jailers, you may have a civil rights lawsuit for monetary damages.

Wrongful arrest attorney Jim Brown is a fierce defender of clients' constitutional rights when facing criminal charges. He is equally protective of clients' civil rights, and maintains an active civil litigation practice.

The Law Offices of Jim Brown in Beaufort, South Carolina, represents people in Beaufort County, Jasper County, Colleton County and throughout the Lowcountry. Call today at 1-877-808-7736 if you believe your rights were violated and you suffered because of it.

Beaufort Attorney Handling All Civil Rights

Mr. Brown, our Jasper County wrongful arrest attorney has handled a broad spectrum of civil rights cases, including:

  • False arrest — Unlawfully detained and interrogated by police on vague suspicions that did not result in charges; or subjected to humiliation and harassment by loss prevention officers of a retail store over unfounded accusations of shoplifting; traffic stop or stop-and-frisk based not on probable cause but racial profiling.
  • Malicious prosecution — Made to face charges for a crime despite a weak case and clear evidence of innocence. We represented a church elder who had never been arrested in her life after she was arrested, spent a night in jail and prosecuted for theft. After she won her criminal case, Mr. Brown represented her in a successful civil suit against the prosecuting entity. She produced a receipt for the merchandise in question. Malicious prosecution can also apply to frivolous lawsuits which you are made to defend.
  • Police misconduct — Excessive force or brutality, excessive restraint, unwarranted body cavity searches, and other violations of arrest, interrogation or search and seizure (such as refusing a citizen the right to speak to an attorney).
  • Prison or jail negligence — Unnecessary or punitive force by guards, negligent supervision resulting in assault by fellow inmates or staff, refusal of medical services. Wrongful arrest attorney Mr. Brown represented a woman who was raped by a prison guard, earning a substantial settlement by demonstrating the liability of superiors who were negligent in hiring and supervising the guard and failed to discipline him accordingly.
  • Sexual harassment and retaliation for reporting it.

In a civil rights lawsuit, we may seek damages for the infliction of injury or failure to prevent assault, the humiliation and damage to reputation, attorney fees for defending against unwarranted charges and attorney fees for the civil suit. In cases of extreme negligence or malicious prosecution, punitive damages may apply.

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These are tough cases to prove. Civil rights lawyer Jim Brown is an accomplished trial lawyer with 12 years of experience and familiarity with local police departments and prosecutors. In a free case evaluation, he will give an honest assessment of your case. Call 843-470-0003 or 1-877-808-7736, or contact us online.

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