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If you are charged with a crime in South Carolina, we can offer aggressive defense to avoid or minimize prison, jail and other consequences of a conviction. You are represented by accomplished trial lawyer Jim Brown, who brings the same passion for justice to every case. No matter what the charges — DUI, drugs, financial crime, violent crime — we act to protect your rights and challenge the evidence. The Law Offices of Jim Brown serves clients in Beaufort County, Jasper, Colleton, Charleston and surrounding counties of South Carolina, as well as non-residents arrested while traveling through the Lowcountry. Mr. Brown also handles civil rights lawsuits and crime victim advocacy.

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Law Offices of Jim Brown, P.A.
1600 Burnside Street, Suite 100,
Beaufort, SC 29901-0592

Beaufort, SC 29901-0592

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Law Offices of Jim Brown, P.A.
1600 Burnside Street
Suite 100
Beaufort, SC 29901-0592
Phone: 843-470-0003
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