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Facing Criminal Charges?

Our Criminal Attorney in Beaufort, South Carolina, Will Fight for Your Rights and Your Freedom

The Law Offices of Jim Brown knows what's at stake, and we understand that you have many questions and fears if you are charged with a crime. Our Beaufort, South Carolina, criminal defense practice provides you with the experienced and spirited defense you need to stay out of jail or prison or minimize the consequences of an unavoidable conviction. Criminal trial defense lawyer Jim Brown brings 12 years of experience in some of the most high-profile cases in recent times. He practices in state and federal courts of Beaufort County, Jasper County, Charleston County, Colleton County and beyond. Call us immediately at 843-470-0003 to discuss your case in a free initial consultation.

Jasper County Lawyer Defending Against Drug Charge

Our drug charge defense lawyer can capably handle all criminal charges and related matters:

DUI — Whether this is your first offense or you are charged as a repeat offender, we work to minimize the effect of a drunk driving arrest on your freedom, your license, your finances and your future.

Drug crimes — Mr. Brown knows the state and federal drug laws and challenges the evidence to avoid prison or jail and the lasting impact of a felony conviction.

Violent crimes — Jim Brown has helped clients avoid or limit prison time for domestic violence, aggravated assault, robbery, kidnapping and even first-degree murder.

Property crimes — Theft and burglary charges are more serious than most people think. We make every effort to get charges dismissed or knocked down, or to avoid time behind bars.

White collar crimes — Mr. Brown can counter the complex allegations in fraud and financial crimes to save your freedom and reputation or minimize the impact.

Appeals and post-conviction — If you were convicted of a crime, there is a short window to find grounds to have it overturned. Jim Brown is an accomplished appellate lawyer, and also handles probation violations and record expungement.

Civil rights litigation — If you suffered physical harm or emotional distress because of police misconduct, false arrest or malicious prosecution in a criminal case, we can explore a civil lawsuit for damages.

Crime victims' advocacy — Jim Brown can assert your interests in criminal proceedings, represent you in a civil lawsuit arising from a crime or run interference with the media.

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