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Beaufort County Lawyer Providing Experienced Criminal Defense

Whether you are accused of a small-scale theft or major financial crime, drug or DUI charges, or prosecuted for an assault, murder or other violent crime, the Law Offices of Jim Brown is committed to a passionate and sophisticated defense. We ensure that your constitutional rights are protected while proactively challenging the prosecution's case to minimize the impact on your life and your family.

Based in Beaufort, South Carolina, Beaufort County defense attorney Jim Brown practices in state and federal courts of Beaufort County, Jasper County, Colleton County, Charleston County and surrounding jurisdictions. He provides effective defense for all misdemeanor and felony matters. With this proven and respected attorney on your side, you are assured that every measure is taken to prevent the worst-case scenario and to achieve the most favorable result for the facts of your case.

The Law Offices of Jim Brown also handles:

Avoid the Worst Consequences With a DUI Attorney in Jasper County

The frightening prospect of jail or prison is obviously the primary concern. Beaufort County defense attorney Jim Brown also ensures that clients understand all the potential ramifications — fines, the impact of a criminal record on employment or college, license suspension, and harm to your reputation.

Our legal team can't guarantee a particular outcome, but we do promise:

  • A free initial consultation and honest assessment of your case
  • A thorough and aggressive criminal defense
  • Accessibility to answer your questions and concern
  • Close communication and your involvement in any negotiations with prosecutor
  • To always act in your best interests and explain the risk
  • Integrity, compassion and a fight to the end

About Our Attorney

Jim Brown has packed more than most into his 12 years of experience in state and federal courts across South Carolina. He is respected by prosecutors, judges and colleagues, and has an impressive record of not-guilty verdicts in high-profile criminal and civil cases, including numerous murder trials and even death penalty cases. Mr. Brown began his career as a public defender in Richland and Beaufort counties, and carried over that aggressive style and insights to the private solo practice he opened in 2001 in Beaufort. Call today to discuss your case in a free, confidential consultation. You can reach us at 843-470-0003 or email us at

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